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Typical chest pain and hypotension, Activate the Cath lab?
Published: 5 days ago
A 47-year-old man with abdominal pain and heart rates approaching 300 bpm
Published: 9 days ago
A wide complex tachycardia
Published: 12 days ago
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Acute chest pain, ST Depression in V2 and V3, relief with Nitroglycerine, "normal" coronaries, and apical ballooning. Is it takotsubo?
Published: 14 days ago
ECG with Aslanger's Pattern. CT Pulmonary Angiogram Reveals LAD Ischemia (Septal Transmural). But this is not Contradictory.
Published: 18 days ago
Chest pain after motor vehicle collision with an abnormal ECG - blunt cardiac injury? OMI? normal variant?
Published: 23 days ago
A 50 year old man with sudden altered mental status and inferior STE. Would you give lytics? Yes, but not because of the ECG!
Published: 27 days ago
ST Depression Maximal in V1-V4 and Angio shows 3 Vessel Disease. Is it posterior? Which is the culprit?
Published: one month ago
Bradycardia, Crushing Chest pain, and Pulseless VT Arrest
Published: one month ago
A woman with near-syncope, bradycardia, and hypotension
Published: one month ago
Extreme widespread ST depression, with ST Elevation in aVR. What do you think?
Published: one month ago
A 45 year old smoker presents with palpitations, is discharged, and is found dead 2 days later
Published: one month ago
"Pay me now, or pay me later"
Published: one month ago
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Our newest OMI publication, in JEM - Comparison of the STEMI vs. NSTEMI and Occlusion MI vs. NOMI paradigms of acute MI
Published: one month ago
Abbott High Sensitivity Troponin Algorithm at Hennepin Healthcare
Published: one month ago