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Black women’s experiences in STEM inspire an annual workshop
Published: 41 minutes ago
It takes a global village to track plastic waste
Published: 3 days ago
Q&A: David Kennedy is the new chair of the US Arctic Research Commission
Published: 3 days ago
Stratified grain flows form barchan dunes
Published: 4 days ago
New books: May 2021
Published: 4 days ago
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Salt crystals remove themselves from hydrophobic surfaces
Published: 6 days ago
Back Scatter: The firing neurons of a mouse on the move
Published: 10 days ago
The triumphs and failures of astrometeorology
Published: 10 days ago
To mass-produce glass, researchers borrow process from plastics manufacturing
Published: 12 days ago
Muon measurements embolden the search for physics beyond the standard model
Published: 13 days ago
Physicists guardedly optimistic about UK’s new DARPA-like funding agency
Published: 17 days ago
A European snowstorm was caused by climate change
Published: 18 days ago
Q&A: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute president Shirley Ann Jackson on navigating the ivory tower as a Black woman
Published: 19 days ago
The many faces of liquid gallium
Published: 20 days ago
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Quantifying perceptual errors in virtual soundscapes
Published: 24 days ago