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Expectation and delight
Published: 22 hours ago
Ownership and responsibility
Published: 2 days ago
Synchronization can be distracting
Published: 2 days ago
Naysayers (and the grifters)
Published: 3 days ago
The wisdom of the water tower
Published: 4 days ago
“When do we get to the marketing part?”
Published: 5 days ago
Indispensable or irreplaceable
Published: 6 days ago
Absolute and relative
Published: 7 days ago
In Bhutan, they dream of rainbows
Published: 8 days ago
Published: 9 days ago
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What to count
Published: 10 days ago
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Waiting for a miracle?
Published: 11 days ago
Time and focus and energy
Published: 12 days ago
Unavailable options
Published: 13 days ago
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How long will this take?
Published: 14 days ago