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4 D Chess
Published: 2 hours ago
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You left out the all caps part
Published: yesterday
A paradox of status and power
Published: 2 days ago
An antidote
Published: 3 days ago
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How long is “never”?
Published: 4 days ago
People problems are complicated problems
Published: 5 days ago
Contracts and power
Published: 6 days ago
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No competition
Published: 7 days ago
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Micropayments for content
Published: 8 days ago
Some thoughts on Mastodon
Published: 8 days ago
Published: 9 days ago
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Neither here nor there
Published: 10 days ago
Now on mastodon
Published: 10 days ago
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But how will it fail?
Published: 11 days ago
Whining and status
Published: 12 days ago
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