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Geoscientists find that shallow wastewater injection drives deep earthquakes in Texas
Published: 48 minutes ago
Caldera collapse increases the size and duration of volcanic eruptions
Published: 50 minutes ago
Ocean-bottom sediments tell a story about ancient Greenland summers
Published: 2 hours ago
How scientists are using the International Space Station to study Earth's climate
Published: 5 hours ago
Unraveling positional and structural errors in numerical weather forecast models
Published: 5 hours ago
How planets form controls elements essential for life
Published: 6 hours ago
Seeking inclusive strategies to help coastal communities adjust, plan for sea-level rise
Published: 7 hours ago
Wastewater treatment system recovers electricity, filters water
Published: 8 hours ago
Urgent steps must be taken to reduce methane emissions, new report says
Published: 8 hours ago
Volcanic eruptions, hurricanes affect rainfall on Hawai'i Island
Published: 9 hours ago
New study explores functionality in aquatic ecosystems
Published: 3 days ago
New weather warning gauge for Australia
Published: 3 days ago
A 50,000-year history of current flow yields new climate clues
Published: 3 days ago
Dust storms and valley fever in the American West
Published: 3 days ago
Aluminum may affect climate change by increasing ocean's carbon sink capacity
Published: 4 days ago